VIV ENGINEERING INC. VIVy is an innovative Hand-pushed Brush Cutter which anyone can use easily and safely. The product can be purchased online.




 《 VIVy Gas-Operated 》

"Standard VIVy"
Designed to keep a safe distance from the machine and the body.
It is easy to operate and user-friendly to even women and senior

  JF4-35 : 4cycle 35cc Engine

  VH2-40 : 2cycle 43cc Engine


  Lightweight and Handy

  Easy Turns even in Small and Narrow Areas

  MINI-JF4 : 4cycle 35cc Engine

  MINI-VH2 : 2cycle 43cc Engine



 VIVy with Electric Motor 》 


   Clean and Quiet                   Voltage : 110V−50/60Hz

                                                                   Output  : 1HP/6,000rpm

 Big Difference in POWER apart from conventional electric trimmers!

"Electric VIVy (AC Type)"

Powerful with 1 HP (750W) Motor
Enivornment friendly
Grass Cutting Machine
No Engine Noise and Exhaust CO2
100% Cut


"Electric VIVy (DC Battery)"

One Full Charge can operate
for 45 minutes.
36V Lead Battery is in use.
Compact and Smart
Easy Turns even in Small and
Narrow Area

  VIVy Optional attachments 》

Hedge Trimmer

It can cut easily even big stem of such as orange stonecrop.
As the blade does not rotate in operation, there is no danger of
hitting small pieces of stone.


Snow Thrower

Clearing snow from house front or the access road becomes easy.
It works on even wet snow and it blows snow 4-5 meters away



A screen of steel chains are placed on the flank of the
hand-pushed mower to prevent rocks from scattering.


Nylon Cord Cutting Head

New Patent Pending Trimmer Header from JAPAN

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 《 VIVy Series 》

MINI-VIVy Cultivator

It is optimum equipment for cultivating just small area in such as household vegetable garden.


Outdoor Sweeper (Vacuum)

It makes good performance in retrieving of grass left over by trimming or as powerful clean in the garden or other outdoor places.

(supplied with 3 Interchangeable Plastic Dust Boxes)



Suitable for fallen leaves season.
Light and easy handling.
With Exceptional Power, it keeps leaves under control.


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