VIV ENGINEERING INC. VIVy is an innovative Hand-pushed Brush Cutter which anyone can use easily and safely.

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 October 27-29,2011

Kentucky Exposition Center





VIVy's Demonstration Video

VIVy Slope Grass Cutting

VIVy Dike Grass Cutting

VIVy Outdoor Sweeper Demonstration

VIVy Blower Demonstration

VIVy Cultivator Demonstration


Hand-pushed Brush Cutter  Product information

1)  Carrying the heavy equipped machinery all day long is

    back-wrecking.   Isn't there a  better solution?

2)  For those who want a more comfortable and safe

    alternative to cutting grass.

3)  For those who want to repair and/or transform the

    conventional brush cutters with malfunctions, resulting in

    piling in your garage.

4)  For those who get annoyed for not being able to operate

    the blade smoothly.

5)  For those who are not able to purchase high priced

    machinery, knowing that they may be more effective and

    easy to use.

6)  For those who want a little more power than the

    conventional grass cutters.

7)  For those who are not satisfied with the conventional

    mowers, being too big for the small spaces and also unable

    to make sharp turns.









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