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Corporate Outline

Head Office China Factory
Gifu Factory G&U Group
VIV ENGINEERING INC. Corpolate Outline
Representative Tadashi Hishida
Location 3-32-37 Haze-cho, Sakai-shi, Osaka, JAPAN
Date of Establishment April 26, 1977
Capital 10 million YEN
Number of Employees 14

Company History
April 26, 1977 The Wada Seiko Co,, Ltd. (bearing specialized maker) development department inherited all, such as property in use at that time, and separated and became independent as this corporation.
June 10, 1978 Since the present office building construction was completed, the office was transferred.
February 8, 1980 Gifu Kaken, Inc. which was the subcontract company of resin mold was bought out, and it considered as the special occupation factory under the perfect influence for the reinforcement of the stability of manufacturing department organization.
September, 1982 We selected Nachi-Fujikoshi Corp., as bearing supplier entirely, and established the stable organization of the quality and supply.
October, 1989 Yantai VIV Engineering Inc. was established by 100% investment of our company in China Shandong Yantai city, for the future oversea production base.
June, 1991 Gifu Kaken, Inc. was changed company name into VIV Gifu Inc.
September, 1992 The China Shanghai office was established.
April, 1993 Hua Ri Bearing Co., Ltd. (China Zhejiang Province) was established as a joint company, and started bearing production.
January, 1998 Yantai VIV Engineering Inc. new factory construction was completed, and started operation.

Business Contents
* Simplify the parts which use bearing, develop the machine parts relevant to it, and produce by subcontract, and sell the products.
* Outside and domestic patent acquisition.
* As for the engine and the machine parts etc, we perform development, manufacture, and sale for the product of the process and structure in the way of thinking which is completely conventionally different, such as a tension pulley, bearing housing, a gear case, various wheels, a sprocket, a cam shaft, and a clutch case, etc.

Main Bank
* Mitsui Sumitomo Bank Sakai branch, UFJ bank Sakai branch, Tokushima Bank Sakai branch

Main Customer
* Most domestic agricultural machine makers including major makers, such as Kubota Inc., Seirei Industry Co.,Ltd., Iseki & Co.,Ltd., Mitsubisi Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd.
* Engine maker such as Yanmar Diesel Engine, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd., Kubota, etc.
* Elevator maker such as Mitsubishi Electric, Toshiba, etc.
* Refrigerator maker such as Mitsubishi Electric, Sharp, Sanyo, Fujitsu General, etc.
* Fiber machine maker such as Howa Machinery, Ltd., etc.
* Conveyance machine maker such as Okura Yusoki, the Maki Industry, etc.
* Mowing machine maker such as Makita Corp., Ryobi Limited, Kioritz Corp., FujiRobin, Kaaz Corp., etc.
* Domestic marketing Agency, Van pulley Inc.

VIV Gifu Inc. Corpolate Outline


Company Name VIV Gifu Inc.
Location Niwada, Nanno-cho, Kaizu-gun, Gifu, JAPAN
Number of Employees 17
Land Possession 8,250 square meters
Plant Site 990 square meters
Facilities CO2 laser-processing machine 5kw outputs : 1set
  NC lathe Moriseiki machine : 1
  Lathe : 1
  Semi-automatic welding machine : 1
  Automatic specific welding machine : 2
  Various measuring instruments : 1set
  Durability-test machine : 1set
Main Business Manufacture and mass-production starting of a trial products (China factory)
  Technical instruction and production instruction for China factory
  Product acceptance and warehouse management from the China factory
  Delivery to user by following the directions of VIV (head office)

Location Yantai economic and technical development zone
Representative Tadashi Hishida
Date of Establishment November, 1989
Number of Employees 120
Capital 117,000,000 YEN
Land Possession 10,000 square meters
Plant Site 6,500 square meters

YANTAI VIV is 100% investment company of VIV engineering incorporated company in Japan.
Technical instruction and the quality control are carried out under the supervisor for manufacture of the secure goods to distribute in Japan.
The actual result is already accepted from the industry.


April, 1993 Joint company started with C&U Group in Zhejiang province Wenzhou city and bearings 6200-6205 are mainly produced.

Then, the joint partner company is extending the factory one after another by absorbing and merging the bearing factory of every place in China , and continuing concentration and activity as the following "C&U group".
It's preparing the establishment of an office in the VIV office for the time being to export and trade in Japan.
Of course as VIV, we are participating the activity positively also. Already, some part attached the "VIV" brand and has started the trade in Japan.

The main handling models :
Radial ball, Angular Ball, Self-aligning Ball Bearings, Cylindrical Roller Bearings, Tapered Roller Bearings.
Besides, any models as you want, we will supply products reliable through the series factory.

Introduction of C&U Group
Introduction of C&U Group
C&U Group, previously named Wenzhou Bearing Factory (established in 1991), is a big provincial aggregation without area restriction.

At present the aggregation owns eighteen member enterprises, one overseas company, and twenty one branch companies, with capital of 550 million Yuan.

The company is chiefly engaged in the manufacture of bearings and the trade of machinery and electricity as well having holdings in commercial supermarket.

The company has been pursuing production of world level bearings with the tenet of "Humanity is the first priority."

The company's bearings branded "C&U" chiefly replace the import.
They have reached the '90 international advanced level and won the title of "Brand-name products of Chinese Mechanical Industry".

Now we have the capability of producing 100 million pieces annually, consisting of five categories (Deep Groove Ball Bearings, Self-aligning Ball Bearings, Angular Contact Ball Bearing, Cylindrical Roller Bearings and Tapered Roller Bearings) totally about one thousand kinds of products.
We are providing bearings for the application of household appliances, automobiles, motorcycles, precision machines, industrial and agricultural machines, etc.

Our chief product, low-noise precise bearings (Z3 group and Z4 group), has been respected as the leading brand of this category in Chinese bearings.

The aggregation is A Star Enterprise with Credible Quality in Chinese Mechanical Industry, Key Enterprise of Zhejiang province, one of the main drafting units of Technical Factors of Vibration (acceleration) for Deep Groove ball Bearing of Rolling Bearing (the mechanical industry standard of the nation).

The enterprise owns import and export management rights.

Adhering to our mission statement of building a first rate bearing manufacturing world enterprise, the C&U aggregation will constantly take the initiative to serve customers domestically and overseas with excellent products and services.

Sale was started completely in Japan in November, 2003. Japan
"Japan C&U seiko Inc."
SG building 1-6 3chome Bakuromachi chuo-ku OSAKA , Japan.
TEL: 06-6441-8267
Introduction of C&U Group
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