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VIVid faq
Q 1 The engine does not start. What should I do?
  A: Please check the following in order.
1 Is fuel contained in the tank?
2 Is the emergency stop button returned to ON?
3 Is fuel circulating enough at a carburetor?
4 Does the chalk lever correspond to the position of "normal"?
(When the temperature of engine is cold, please place the lever at the position of "close" and when the engine starts, please return to "normal" position immediately.)
5 Is the throttle lever at the position (place pulled for a little) of "idling"?
Q 2 Can I wash engine in cold water?
  A: No.
Q 3 Is the fuel gasoline?
  A: Yes.
Q 4 Where should I ask maintenance for?
  A: Please make a contact with the store you purchased.
An alternative machine is offering for repair of a breakdown gratuitously.
Q 5 Is there supplement of Nylon cord (cutter edge).
  A: Since it is expendables, please purchase in a market. (Please ask the store you purchased.)
Q 6 Can I adjust the brush cutting height?
  A: Please loose the attachment screw of free Ball and move the position back and forward.
Q 7 Are assist wheels obstructive in a narrow alley etc.?
  A: Aassist wheels have the simple removing structure without using tools.
Q 8 How should I do brush cutting on slope?
  A: Please start cutting from the top of the slope, then move up and down and right and left slowly.
Q 9 Isn't it troublesome to carry?
  A: If it is a near place, please raise Ball and move only with a rear wheel. Moreover, since it has the structure that main pipe can be removed from the clutch case, it separates into two bodies and can be put in the trunk of a car.
The whole weight is only about 25kg.
Q 10 How long is the term of Warranty?
  A: It is for one year after the time of purchase. (The receipt is a guarantee.)
Q 11 How should I maintain Ball?
  A: If the ground, grass, etc. cling to the inside of Ball, Ball will stop rotating.
Please be sure to wash after a work end in cold water.

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